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File Description Size Makes the unit hit points in the game more realistic 10.9 KB Adds a troop plane, cruise missile and a few other nice ajustments. 253 KB Adds the "cow" to be placed around your cities. It produces more food. 18 KB Adds more government types to rule your civilization. 100 KB Adds a transport plane that carries 2 units. 18.7 KB Changes the hand cursor in the game to a normal pointer. 2.75 KB
Map Editor The map Editor, not very good but it works. 1.5 MB Adds 6 new governments. 29.4 KB Replaces pics of world leaders with better ones. 239 KB The second file for replacing leader pics. 281 KB Shows the stats for all the governments 7.43 KB A Cruiser Sprite 18.7 KB